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Cannot continue levels?????

Seriously? This cannot be paused or continued at a level other than ONE??? There is the need to restart EVERY time??


This app always goes back to level one even after passing the level, if the app gets minimized (not closed) it still goes back. My son loves the app, but now he's only good at it cause he does the same 4 letters all the time. I want so badly to use the other levels freely.

Rip off

No full version after purchasing. My kid is very disappointed. Cheating kids?!!

I never do reviews...

Ok, I never do reviews but I had to say something about this one. It is awesome. My son fell in love with it on sight. He is 2 and the letter sounds activities were so much fun for him. He laughed while popping the balloons and seeing things fall. So he definitely had fun while learning. I quickly realized that I needed the full version. So I purchased it. This was just the first night so I am sure he will spend lots of time learning on this app. He was very upset because I made the dreadful mistake of introducing him to the app close to bedtime. Don't make that mistake....✌🏾

We like it

I never buy full apps. I just let me kids at few ones. But when my 2 year old was choosing correct letters after a few weeks, I broke down and bought it. The only thing is, the tracing is a bit hard, even for my 4 year old.

Full version not available

Only smta available even after full version purchase

Rip off - want $ back

Purchased paid version after enjoying free version. What a rip off! Paid version is the same as free version. Does not allow you to go past first level letters. Buyer beware.

Not worth it!

As others have said you still don't get the full version even after purchasing. Super frustrating. It also doesn't ever say the name of the letter, it only shows the letter and makes the sound. I'm trying to get my daughter to associate the sound with the letter name, but that's not going to happen on this app.

All good on iPad, but small problem with Kurio tablet

My son really loves this app, but after tracing the letters so many times he doesn't want to do that anymore. I can turn that function off in the settings when using my iPad, but it does not show that function on the Kurio tablet. It just doesn't make sense because all the other options are there. I checked the developers web site and could not find a solution so I just emailed them today. I'll post if they provide a solution. P.s. Check the developers website link for solutions to most of your issues Mark

Poor design

Bought the full version today for my granddaughter. Got to level 3, then the letter p could not be traced, so she couldn't go on. Back to my preschool paper writing!!!

Full Version?

Hi. We paid for the full version but still only get s, t, a, m. Is this a glitch?

Purchased the advanced...sadly!

After trying the free version of this Phonics Island I was impressed enough to purchase the next level up for $2.99! It loaded, but is still only displaying the free version! I wish I knew how to resolve this problem!

Everything great but the tracing

My son loves this game and it really is a very good game. My son is learning and he thinks the game is fun. The problem is the tracing. It is so sensitive and frankly difficult for my 4yr old and myself. He's starting to get so frustrated that he wants to quit that whole game over this one issue. I hope the game makers will fix this problem. When you trace you have to be COMPLETELY precise and even then it doesn't always work. Other than that one thing, it's a great great game.


When you close the magnetic cover of an iPad and come back, the sound doesn't work. Any time you exit the app, you start over from the beginning. That's tough when you have a little guy that wants to use the home button.


I love this app and bought it in the bundle, but it is still only letting me use the trial version with four letters and not the full version. Developers -> please fix it for me!!!

Don't buy!!!

We first downloaded the free version of this app and decided to upgrade to the full version. We were very disappointed when we opened the full version to see that we still did not have access to all of the letters. We paid $3 to have an add free version of the limited free version. Trust me and don't buy this app! This company is dishonest and apple shouldn't sell their apps.

Don't buy full version

The sample version and full version are the same. Spent $3 for the full but it didn't give my daughter the option to play/learn the rest of the letters. Such a shame.


Don't buy this app. I upgraded to the paid version and most of the app is still locked. Either it's broken or a ripoff altogether. I want a refund!

My daughter likes it

Be patient. At first, my daughter just randomly poked at different answers, but after two weeks she is choosing right answers on purpose. She loves it and calls it her game! I would recommend headphones. As a adult the sounds can be annoying--but they're perfect for kids.


Some good phonics. The letter "d" would not allow us to trace - so I could not pass level 2. Would like a refund please.

Full version not available

I purchased the full version of this app about a month ago and was able to get the entire alphabet but now when my daughter plays she no longer has access to the other letters, only level 1! It keeps asking me if I want to purchase the full version but I already did and when I hit yes, it just sends me back to the App Store where I can't purchase the full version again because I already did! This is a rip-off and I want my money back.

Total Rip-Off

I purchased the full version of this app, but my child is still only able to access the few letters from the trial version. I want a full refund ASAP! Please don't purchase this app because it is a rip off!

Great App!!

Amazing app. Love the full version. Once your child completes each level it unlocks more levels.

Got ripped off

We had the letters s, m, t, a, only version and tried to purchase the full version, nut IT DID NOTHING new. We thought we would get all the letters of the alphabet. I read other peoples reviews posted a month ago in April saying exactly that they bought the new version and got nothing for their money . I figured surely the app bug has been fixed, but it hadn't save youur money!!!!! I repeat do not ignore my review and save your money.


I just purchased the full app but it still does not allow access to the other letters. It shows they are unlocked, but no matter which one we pick it still just plays letters S, M, T, A

Full version still only allows 4 letters!

So disappointed in this app! My son enjoyed the trial, so I purchased the full version, and it still only allows for 4 letters! A total scam! DON'T waste your money.

Phonics Island

I tried to get full version, but the new app does not allow access to all of the alphabet letters. Only allows s,m,t and a.. I would like all of the alphabet for my purchase. I want a refund!

Discount did not apply

It says there is a 66% discount today Dec. 6th but it did not apply. My daughter does enjoy this app but I'm not happy about the discount not applying.

Discount did not work

It says there is a 66% discount today in the description but that did not apply???


Just bought this app today hoping to reinforce my daughters excitement to learn read. Great at first, but the letter tracing activity was very frustrating for my 4 1/2 old and myself. We would follow the dots to trace the letter correctly and 1 out of 10 times it worked. My daughter became so frustrated in one day of having it she no longer wants to learn/ play this app. Wish I could get my money back.

Great app for kids!

This app is engaging and educational to the kids who need it most. It won't take long for your kids to become hooked on phonics - and that's a guarantee! The app is very cute and kid-friendly, you'll love it too!

Amazing educational phonics app

My daughter plays this app all the time. She loves the game where she can pop the balloons with letters on them as well as the one where she puts animals whose name begins with a particular letter into the train. I am a demanding parent when it comes to high-quality educational media for children and I am more than happy that I downloaded this app for my 4-year-old daughter. The app is very engaging and easy to use for her, and she has already learned almost all the letter sounds. If like me you have a child who is just beginning to read, Phonics Island is the way to go to get them started. Letter sounds are pronounced clearly and you have the option to choose either uppercase or lowercase letters. In sum, this is a fantastic app!

Cute and fun!

Update: Thanks for adding more new features! We just love that this educational app has a story to go along with all the learning fun! The graphics are so cute, and the sections are broken up into manageable amounts, which is nice with shorter attention spans :) very fun way to learn the letters and sounds in upper and lower case, well worth the purchase!

A really superb way to learn letter sounds and more!

My kids absolutely love this app and I can honestly say that Phonics Island Adventure is probably the best out there! My children are so inspired by the bright colors, user friendly interface and rewards this app presents. My kids think they are playing an awesome game while at the same time they are learning their letter sounds by associating it to their favorite animals and more. My kids love the newest update which includes new learning games such as tracing letters and identifying letters by sound! I highly recommend this app to any parents or teachers looking for a new and intellectual way to teach their children letter sounds!

Best app ever

Worth every penny!!! Amazing and easy to use!! My sister has been learning sounds like never before :)

Love this Montessori app!

As someone who is a huge fan of the Montessori Method of learning, I was ecstatic to find that Phonics Island Adventure impliments it into their app. This app is packed with adorable animals and illustrations which kids will love. The fact that the developer is almost always adding new things is awesome, as well! This is definitely a great app that's highly recommended for parents of youngsters who are learning how to read!

Nice program but needs bug fix ASAP!

My son was in level 6 and it got to the place where you put the animals with the correct sounding the train and it jams! He put the 1 st Q word (animal) in the train but when he went to put the 2nd one in, it kept asking the question but the screen was not allowing him to do anything. We went back out and started over but same exact problem. Please fix this as it is very annoying and makes it impossible to finish to the rest of the game! Mom of4yr old


Love this app but freezes on level 6 when trying to drag the Yak into the train. Please fix this bug.


My son and I absolutely LOVE this app! I purchased it in hopes for the entire alphabet, we'll sad to say it freezes every time on level 6. My son is getting frustrated not being able to move on, as am I. I will update my review the second I can use the app I purchased! Thanks

Great app for learning letter sounds but has bugs

Please fix the bugs. I love this app for my 3 year old learning letters and sounds. We just purchased and started using the purchased level and it bugged out and kept telling him he was wrong or repeating same letters. Frustrating. I hope you fix it soon if so I would recommend for any little ones.

Phonics island

We Enjoyed the App, however, the screen freezes on level 6, 5th star. There appears to be several complaints/alerts to this back from back in March and problem has not yet been remedied. Somewhat disappointing. We would have considered puchasing more Apps from here but will postpone until problem is remedied.

Loved this until ...

My son was loving this and learning quite a bit, until he reached a certain level and was no longer able to drag the characters where the game instructed him to. It was like the screen froze, but the audio was still working. Big disappointment and frustrating for a five year old. Hope they fix this!

Great app but...

My son absolutely loved this app. He kept wanting to reach the last level so he could get the big prize. However when he had 4 stars left to complete on level 6 the app got stuck and he could not progress any further. I tried rebooting both the app and iPad to no avail. Now he has lost complete interest.

Just superb!

I purchased this app for my nephew who's been having trouble learning to read. I wanted him to practice more, but I also wanted him to have fun while doing it so that he only has positive associations with reading. I'm so glad that I got this app for him. His reading skills have improved visibly in the past few weeks and I can tell that he has a lot of fun using this app.

Freezes up

My son loves this app, but ours also keeps freezing up on level 6, 5th star. We'd like to be able to play the whole thing. Restarting doesn't help.


I bought the full version n the screen freezes on level 6 they need to get that bug fixed other then that my son loves this app! :)

Not on sale

Said the product was 66% off but was charged full price.

Good game, but has problem that needs to be fixed

This game is great and my kids love it! They love tracing the letters, putting the animals in the train cars, and my almost 2 year old son absolutely loves to pop the balloons. One problem that I have noticed with the game is on level 6. When you get to the second part of placing animals in the train cars it asks for the animals that begin with either Q, Y, or Z, but there is only one animal that begins with the letter asked for. Once you choose that animal, the game either freezes or there is no other animal to choose from so you can't complete the game. If this could be fixed, that would be great.

Very cute & engaging!

My daughter loves abbey the monkey! Great quality app that holds her attention longer than most. Nice job!

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