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Abby phonics adventure

Doesnt work past level 1 even though I paid for it.

Another Great App

Ive said it before with other Abby apps and Ill say it again... My kids Love these apps! I look forward future apps that you release and keep up the great work! :-)

Phonics from A-Z

My 3rd year old son has honed his literary skills, which are constantly improving in areas such as letter sounds, letter recognition, names of animals, sounds of animals, etc. He is also engaged at all times and works hard to earn those animal sticker rewards after each subsequent level. He really likes "exploring" the island and has gone through the entire alphabet and is replaying it over and over learning new animal names and earning more and more stickers! Overall, this game is challenging, age-appropriate, and very educational! Totally worth the price of admission!

Absolutely great!

I am working with children and I tried this app with them, and they all adored the game - it is very entertaning for them. Saves me lots of work devising activities myself! The developer also includes occasional updates of new activities. Great pronunciation, excellent sounds and graphic.

Thank you for fixing the bug

Great game! It is making learning the phonetics fun for my child. She loves the popping balloon area best.

No access

Downloaded the full version but still only allows ATMS section and nothing else

All good on iPad, but small problem with Kurio tablet

My son really loves this app, but after tracing the letters so many times he doesnt want to do that anymore. I can turn that function off in the settings when using my iPad, but it does not show that function on the Kurio tablet. It just doesnt make sense because all the other options are there. I checked the developers web site and could not find a solution so I just emailed them today. Ill post if they provide a solution. P.s. Check the developers website link for solutions to most of your issues Mark

Not worth it!

As others have said you still dont get the full version even after purchasing. Super frustrating. It also doesnt ever say the name of the letter, it only shows the letter and makes the sound. Im trying to get my daughter to associate the sound with the letter name, but thats not going to happen on this app.

Rip off - want $ back

Purchased paid version after enjoying free version. What a rip off! Paid version is the same as free version. Does not allow you to go past first level letters. Buyer beware.

Fun Learn

Real nice app and totally enggaging for my little one. He already started picking up alphabets so quickly. Thank you!

Great app for the young and dev delayed!

I have an 8 year old son with CP, and amazed how hes able to work this app with sounds and put them together. He understands he gets to pick out stickers when he does good and doesnt lose interest like many of our other word apps. Awesome!!!

Definitely a 5-star app!

This is a fun, cute and engaging app. It’s bright and easy to use with a theme that will grab the attention of any young kid. My kiddo has been hooked on it since we got it, and I’ve seen her make some great progress on her letter sounds as a result!

Smiles with Learning

I was showing my son how this program works and started getting into it myself. We both agree that earning the stickers is the best part, but secretly, I like the fluid graphics for dragging the items across the screen. I was very pleased at such a great program for such a little price. Plus it puts a smile on my little guys face. :)

Very cute app

Abby Monkey is a really fun character. The graphics and sound quality are fantastic playing this on an iPhone 5. The great thing about this app and others from 22L is that the kids are are occupied with some fun, but its educational at the same time. With the matching game, its not just rote memorization. The app is making the sounds of each of the letters, so the kids are actually learning their letters instead of just remembering the symbols.

Nice app

Nice app for 2-5 y.o. or children with disabilities to learn letter sounds.

2 Thumbs up

My daughter loves Abbey the monkey. She is having fun sounding out the letters and recognizing the different animals. The best part, shes playing and learning at the same time.

Better than the original

I have a folder of games I keep on my app when I watch a friend of mines kid, and he really seems to gravitate toward this app. I think its a lot better than playing a mindless game - its a pretty good learning tool

Excellent Phonics Learning App!

The character of Abby Monkey really draws in the kids attention in this app. She is adorable and has the cutest little voice. I am impressed with the quality of this app. My little one loves the animals and pronouncing their names. The graphics are great and the kids can learn a lot from this app. I highly recommend it!


This is one of the better basic learning apps I have come across! The easy to use interface keeps kids on track and limits distractions, and the material covered is perfect. Plus, its great fun! This game packages knowledge and entertainment into one bundle. I mean, who doesn’t love Abby the Monkey? Overall a great game, perfect for any parent.

Very cute & engaging!

My daughter loves abbey the monkey! Great quality app that holds her attention longer than most. Nice job!

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